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Our customers get it, want it, and rely on us to make it happen.




Multifamily design, planning & execution

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"Failing to plan is planning to fail." - Benjamin Franklin

SignJive was born from the belief that signage, landscaping, lighting and irrigation for multifamily properties don't have to be disconnected.

Creating a plan for how these elements should work together helps us to achieve the best results for our customers.

From signage to landscaping to irrigation and lighting, we design, plan and execute all of it.







From complete sign packages to landscaping, lighting and irrigation, we design and help execute every aspect of your project.

We get involved early in the process while your architect creates plans for submission to the city, or as they are submitting revisions. Our signage designs, landscaping, lighting and irrigation plans are part of the early submittal.

By staying ahead of the project timeline, we eliminate the chance of a disconnect between the architect's plans and the ultimate execution.



Q: Who supplies the signage?
A: SignJive designs, manufactures and installs the signage portion of each project we work on — including installation. Your finished product is 100 percent turnkey.

Q: Who supplies the interior property signs like pool rules, unit numbers, future resident parking, etc.?
A: SignJive handles every stage and aspect of your project. We do it all.

Q: I have a landscaper. Can they do the landscaping and irrigation portions of the project?
A: Yes! We would design the landscaping and irrigation plans and then hand it over to your contractor or landscaper to execute. We want to supervise the landscaping installation, so it matches our plans and meets our standards. The same example holds true if you have an electrical contractor.

Q: Can I have my sign company make the sign portion of the project?
A: Yes! We will work with your existing team if that works best for you. Ask our account manager for our rate card.

Q: I don't have a landscaper, lightning or sign company. Can you take care of all parts of the project?
A: Yes! SignJive handles everything if that works for you.

Q: Will you plan the landscaping, lighting and irrigation for my entire project?
A: Yes! If you want us to do this, we will look at your plans and come up with a strategy that works best for you.



"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works." - Steve Jobs

Our unique approach to design is like no other. We aim to reinvent the way multifamily property entrances are designed and planned. We promise to create a one of a kind artscape that is functional, beautiful and unique.  

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"Gardens are the result of a collaboration between art and nature." - Penelope Hobhouse

SignJive delivers a landscaping plan that includes colorful plants, layering to exact varying heights, and positioning low-maintenance species to allow for proper sun and visual appeal. 

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"Give light and people will find

the way."  - Ella Baker

SignJive will create a lighting plan that will enhance your property's night appeal. We light the signage, trees, walls and ground to fashion a dramatic entrance your competitors will envy. 

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"The grass is greener where you

water it."  - Unknown

Part of the success of any long-term landscaping plan includes proper irrigation. The right placement of irrigation at your entrance plays an important role in assuring that your signage lasts as long as it should. 

SignJive plans ahead to devise an irrigation plan that takes these issues into account, so your landscaping thrives.

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"Humans are innately drawn to life and the natural world because we are part of it." - Unknown

We use Biophilic Design concepts to push the boundaries and imagine something new, something never seen, something people will stop to admire.


We get involved early in the process, working with your team to develop plans for submission to the city. By being involved early alongside the architect we avoid costly mistakes.  

“Great things in business are never done by one person.”  - Steve Jobs




Josh Buttitta, Designer & Founder

"Thank you for your

interest in our company. 

I look forward to 

learning about your needs

and being an integral 

part of your team."


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Thank you for your interest



From an early age, my passion was always art and design. As an artist, I experimented with many art

mediums, from traditional pencil, painting, and sculpting, to filmography, special effects, and animation.


In business, I find an art form that is less visual but more symphonic. Every piece of the puzzle must work together to create an outcome that is harmonious.


I have started many business ventures. The first noatable success was a t-shirt business when I was in college.

The second was Oakhurst Signs. With this business, I achieved several notable milestones: selling over $35M

worth of architectural signage to apartment properties nationwide, installing over 1000 monument signs, and

designing and managing over seventy-five projects a month in 2018.  I started the company in 2003 and sold

it in 2017.


Enter SignJive.


SignJive is a boutique design company with big ideas and a neurotic focus on quality. In fact, many would

consider our standards too high. We are obsessive about our customers, partners and employees. And are

equally obsessive about biophilic inspired design – the marriage of natural light, landscaping, water features

and functional architecture – which we use in every Entry Artscape we present. The success of this company

is solely based on the strength of our partnerships, the quality of our execution and the relentless

commitment of our outstanding employees.


SignJive is in the business of building and innovating, creating and delivering. Here to serve each

other and you.

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