Our customers get it, want it, and rely on us to make it happen.

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"Failing to plan is planning to fail." - Benjamin Franklin

SignJive designs, manufactures, permits and installs custom sign packages for apartment properties focusing on the Southeast. From entry signs to full interior sign packages including unit ID's, amenity signage, building numbers, SignJive does it all. 

Our Customers include developers of multifamily properties, buyers of apartment properties and management companies. 


With over 20 years experience delivering multifamily signage, SignJive's expert team knows what it takes to deliver on time and on budget. 

SignJive is known for unique designs, timely communication and delivering on time. We would love to be part of your team!

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"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works." - Steve Jobs

SignJive designs signs to get noticed and work as intended. 

Your entrance is one of the most effective forms of advertising when executed properly. Everyone who drives by will see it. Its design should get attention day and night. 

We can custom design your signage or use your specs to create a package that meets your needs. We are flexible and ready to jump in and help. 

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These designs are the property of SignJive and may not be used or recreated without permission




A SignJive customer is a multifamily developer, property owner or management company.

Our customers...

Increasingly look to develop and add value to their properties.

Want to encourage their partners the freedom to conceptualize and add value to their properties.

Need to know their partners are innovative companies and leaders in their vendor category.

Desire knowing their partners take ownership, deliver consistently, and are trustworthy.

Always search for ways to differentiate their product from the competition.

Get it. Want it. And rely on us to make it happen.


"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands

but seeing with new eyes." - Marcel Proust





Josh Buttitta, Designer & Founder

"Thank you for your

interest in our company. 

I look forward to 

learning about your needs

and being an integral 

part of your team."

Thank you for your interest

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From an early age, my passion was always art and design. I was surrounded by entrepreneurs as most of my family owned restaurants and various other businesses around the small town where I grew up in Champaign, IL.

As an artist, I experimented with many art mediums, from traditional pencil, painting, and sculpting, to filmography, special effects, and animation. My artistic journey has been diverse, to say the least. My first paid design job was creating architectural renderings for a marketing company at the age of fourteen. This fueled my passion and proved I could make a career out of doing something I loved. Over the years, I have been blessed to have held many positions as a designer working for others or in my own businesses.   

In business, I find an art form that is less visual but more symphonic. Every piece of the puzzle must work together to create an outcome that is harmonious.

I have started many business ventures. My first notable success was a t-shirt design business called Graphic Sportswear, which I started in 1991 and sold in 1996. Although not a financial success, it taught me many valuable lessons about how businesses worked. I started my second company, Oakhurst Signs in 2003 and sold it in 2017. With this business, I achieved several notable milestones: selling over $35M worth of architectural signage to apartment properties nationwide, installing over 1000 monument signs, and designing and managing over seventy-five projects a month in 2018.

Enter SignJive.

SignJive is a boutique design company with big ideas and a neurotic focus on quality. In fact, many would consider our standards too high. We are obsessive about our customers, partners and employees. And are equally obsessive about biophilic inspired design – the marriage of natural light, landscaping, water features and functional architecture – which we use in every Entry Artscape we present. The success of this company is solely based on the strength of our partnerships, the quality of our execution and the relentless commitment of our outstanding employees.

SignJive is in the business of building and innovating, creating and delivering. Here to serve each other and you.

We aim to dramatically improve and change the way multifamily property entrances are designed and executed.

We are excited. We are ready. Are you?